13. The Shut it Down Dress

Every now and again we get caught up in dating game play. Sometimes it could even be taxing but than again your not playing hard to get, you’re just naturally hard to get. If the time comes when your man flips the script and tries to gain the power in the relationship, that’s when we enter in the Shut it Down Dress.

It’s your secret weapon in your closet and only used to threaten or get the perfect revenge. When put on and done right with the black magic bootie or a colorful shoe and accessory, your guy is already finished for once you step into the bar. Make a lap, order a vodka tonic, and give the sexiest smirk of nonchalance and no ambition. Before another guy could even whisper sweet miscellaneous nothings in your ear, your man is already forfeiting the game. What makes a Shut it Down Dress? Tight enough to show you’re a woman, loose enough to say that you’re classy. Of course it should appeal to the male senses but don’t loose site of your style or edge to please him, mix both together. Ultimately, it’s a dress that you feel your best self in and makes him question his antics. Now pat yourself on the back and give your friends a smile to tell them, that’s how it’s done. Even though you won and he already gave in, let him sweat for a little.

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There’s few things in life I rep, besides my city its my university. There’s no better homage then to don college letters across your chest. Here’s how not to look like a freshmen in the first week of classes but to properly show tribute to the one and only.

Grab your university’s tee in black/navy/grey or a basic color in order to camouflage it with the rest of your style. Look for your University’s tee in bold letters or add class with a crest.  The key to prestige is repping a tee that is traditional in order for the shirt to transition throughout your life. It’s hard to imagine one day being old, but supposedly it happens.

Another great option is a tee from your favorite college bar. Often times, these shirts are the embodiment of classic “college” with hilarious slogans such as “7am: breakfast club” or Kilroys: Where everyone knows your shame”. They not only hold sentiment value but also look badass. Next is to sartorially spice this up by adding a killer jacket or cardigan. The final touch is to add some jewels, heels, and sunglasses to be officially on your way out the door. Perfect for game day or wherever your day may lead.

You can buy college shirts with a vintage look at select retailers such as VS Pink and American Eagle, but remember nothings better than breaking in a tee with your own day-to-day antics.