STYLE ADVICE: How to Rock a Bad Romance

After Lady Gaga’s triumphant hit, every Nooner wanted a bad romance. Why wouldn’t we? The scenario demands great sex and great drama, as well as a promise of great love. I remember when my friends and I surrounded our apartment’s kitchen island and started talking about it. Next thing you know, I’m hit with a bad romance and let me tell ya its not what its cracked up to be.  My phone was ringing and ringing like it was Grand Central Station, wait wait that’s another song.  Thankfully I was surrounded by shots and tables to dance on to get out my bad romance excess anger. Need less to say even having a tragic love affair demands sartorial choices.

Let’s take a page from our girl, Carrie Bradshaw. Throughout her thirties she was slammed with an on and off again relationship with Mr. Big.  It was never easy to deal with but thank god Carrie had a long luxe fur coat to put over every outfit. Oh you thought I was going to say thank god she had her three best friends? Well that’s always good too but that coat is what demands attention and lets face it you can feel better about yourself crying in fur rather than your friends poly blend. Now back to Carrie, even if she looked like shit, with that jacket on she held resemblance to Kate Moss every time she lit a cigarette. Lesson, get a fur jacket.  If we had our pick of all the furs in the land, a Nooner prefers a cropped black fur coat in pre and post bad romance times.  With that said, we are still fine with the one our grandma passed down to us.

Once you’re in a bad romance, your lover never goes away.  There like that drink that you swore never to have again because it got you really drunk and left you with a hangover the whole next day. But they’re you ago again, ordering it the following week. Don’t you ever learn?! Damn the day you spotted him in the crowd with his perfectly product enhanced hair.


3. The Sexual Souvenir

While cleaning up your apartment form the night before, you realize 1. There’s my lip-gloss! And 2. (Insert guys name) left his vintage T shirt or v-neck sweater at your apartment. It definitely looked great on him but then after staring at it for a while on the floor of your room, an outfit clicked in your head.  Every girl has her share of sexual souvenirs. It could be your boyfriends, ex boyfriend or just a random hook up. No matter who it was, we all know it’s always the right amount of nonchalance and always the right amount of memory contained in the item.

Items to grab from your man:

Sweaters – A sweater that is a little two big IS right now. Instead of buying a “boyfriend” inspired sweater, here’s a perfect chance to save money. Saving money for drinks or shoes never felt so good.

Button downs – Snagging a white button down from your man is definitely a score in more ways than one. Besides lounging around in his shirt, this men’s basic is perfect for pairing over a tight leggings or tight jeans. With this outfit, make sure to grab your crown jewels to spice up the look.

Vintage T-shirts – Guys have a knack for collecting cool T’s over the years. They can be from bars from college, high school, or where ever there adventures may have led. Pair it with a cardigan and jeans and your ready to take whiskey shots at a dive bar. There you are in the back of the bar with another guy who complemented you on your T, how romantic.  Can we say conversation piece?

Of course if he keeps on complaining for it back, I guess you should be nice or how bout showing him why its better that you have it.

1. The Sex Hair Hat

It’s the day after one of the best nights of your life, you laugh because you also said that yesterday morning when you woke up. You remove the arm that’s lying over your shoulder and give him a kiss before looking at your phone. Jenny already texted you to remind you about brunch at 1pm. Fuck its already 12:30. You’re a little scared to check your bank balance, there’s something about liquor that makes you think your rich enough to buy multiple rounds for everyone. Oh well.  Anyway lets get back on track, the guy you’ve been dating and putting in some serious flirting work with has finally come home with you. Obviously it was great. Although you may want to roll in bed for the rest of the day with him, soon it or later you have to leave.  Enter, the sex hair hat.

This isn’t the run of the mill ‘good girl’ hat, that’s only worn when it’s snowing. Let’s face it nothing we do is run of the mill or resembles anything of being so called ‘good’. Which is why, It’s a statement piece for the girl who parties all night and sleeps till noon.

Nooner-Approved Options

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