14. The SLG – Sexy Librarian Glasses

For some, it may be a fashion choice to rock eyeglasses even without a prescription (poser) but for us it’s a necessity for the days when we have blood shot eyes. Or like yesterday, when you forgot to take out your contacts from last night, it wasn’t really your fault due to Josh coming over and it’s too young in the relationship to show him your Sunday lazy style.

The SLG is great for Sunday brunch, running to starbucks or when you’re too tired from last night to put in your contacts for work.  Suck it cubicle life. If you select the right pair, we prefer a little larger frame, you can be mistaken for a sexy librarian. With the right touch, your IQ just went up a notch and bystanders have no idea of what went on in your life the night before to defer that stance. Now, that is what I call the power of fashion.

Nooner Approved

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12. Bracelet Weaponry

Loose the pearls and let your grandma know that your not quite ready to transition into old woman gold which is mostly seen on cruise ships and in Florida around this time of year. Although, a cruise sounds perfect right now especially on someone else’s budget. That reminds me, I need to call my Grandma.

Either way, what every Nooner needs to have on her jewelry stand is some fine crafted bracelet weaponry.  Like everything we do, it’s another reason to add to the list to tell the world that we are cooler than them.  Our personality could do just that, but sometimes people need reminders. Plus, when we are walking home at night it’s an additional factor to keep away the weirdo’s or the ass that is trying to steal your taxi. Just show him your bracelet weaponry and he will for sure back the f away from the yellow car.  It’s mine bitch! Don’t mess with me after three vodka tonics and a couple of shots. But mostly when it’s cold out, a bitch gets feisty.

When it comes to bracelet weaponry every editor and fashion girl alike loves Eddie Borgo. For good reason too, he does it best. Another CFDA Fashion Fund nominee, Pamela Love also makes me want to spend my shoe money on jewelry, which is hard feat to do.

If your rent takes up more than your paycheck then it actually should, check out the Nooner approved options below.

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9. The Black Magic Bootie

In a world where objects can be your friend, the black magic is your bestie. She creates the illusion that your lean when you gained 2 pounds, gives you height when your in a bar filled with models other wise know as people you have to look up towards like your a tourist looking at the empire state building and ultimately she is there to make any outfit hot. The black magic is a nooner’s best friend because it combines two things we love, the color black and edge.

You may be wearing a [bang]dage but matched with this shoe, you’re not like every other typical girl trying to charm drinks out of a guy with a tucked in button down. “Ohh did you say you worked at Goldman Sachs?” She asked. Its okay I give you permission to judge and give a look of disgust based on that convo and because she’s wearing a cheetah sandal.

The Black Magic is our personal 5 inch ‘f*ck you’ to the world. It’s edgy, its cool, and its great for day and night. So when your leaving his place in the AM, no one is going to be giving you a look while you walk down Crosby.

Nooner Approved:

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and for summer… Four

1. The Sex Hair Hat

It’s the day after one of the best nights of your life, you laugh because you also said that yesterday morning when you woke up. You remove the arm that’s lying over your shoulder and give him a kiss before looking at your phone. Jenny already texted you to remind you about brunch at 1pm. Fuck its already 12:30. You’re a little scared to check your bank balance, there’s something about liquor that makes you think your rich enough to buy multiple rounds for everyone. Oh well.  Anyway lets get back on track, the guy you’ve been dating and putting in some serious flirting work with has finally come home with you. Obviously it was great. Although you may want to roll in bed for the rest of the day with him, soon it or later you have to leave.  Enter, the sex hair hat.

This isn’t the run of the mill ‘good girl’ hat, that’s only worn when it’s snowing. Let’s face it nothing we do is run of the mill or resembles anything of being so called ‘good’. Which is why, It’s a statement piece for the girl who parties all night and sleeps till noon.

Nooner-Approved Options

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