11. The SBD – Silk Button Down

It’s simply textbook to have abundance of silk button downs. They’re the epitome of slouchy, sexy, nonchalant, and put together all at once. Is that possible? Yes that’s a Nooners dream. If it’s anything we love, it’s a shirt that makes us look sort of put together mainly because we don’t feel like doing it ourselves. Like all of our other 10 essentials, the silk button down is another to add to the list of versatility.

The SBD feels at home paired with The BAB or a colored jean, untucked and sitting outside on the patio during happy hour sipping a vodka tonic to cheer on the nice weather.  When you’re not wearing your hungover shades, they can look even cooler hanging from your SBD.

Now, let that guy buy you shot, maybe even flip your hair a few times and be as carefree as the shirt you wear.


STYLE ADVICE: How to Bitch Slap Your Interview (Fashion Wise)

Nooners are not necessary lazy, we are just idealist and feel work should be something to love. Work is “work” until your miserable in your cubicle everyday for eight hours. Soon enough, you hate your life because your boss is a bitch and is jealous that you dress better than her. That is not your fault and neither is that printer problem. Like seriously people, you didn’t graduate college with a tech diploma, okay?  You really don’t know.  Between you and me, I threw out my printer in May because it was jammed. Yes, yes we all know that no job is ideal but let’s cheers to finding one very close to the dream we envisioned in our head. With that, the interview outfit is just as important as printing out resumes and researching the company.

The key to not being fashion bitched slap on an interview is mixing your own personal style along with the style of the company. Always add a sense of you but be respectful of where you’re going.

REMEMBER to always look neat and put together no matter how edgy the brand. When interviewing for a magazine, it is helpful to consider the looks of the editors who work there rather than the magazine it self. The magazine is great for inspiration but how the editors dress is a better reflection on what the magazine looks for. It came to my attention that some featured pictorials are for flash and fashion only and not for sporting in their hallways.  ALWAYS know what the brands over all look is because their over all goal is to hire someone who reflects that image, even if it’s an internship position.

Final note: Brands and companies in the fashion industry hold themselves up to the highest level, even if it’s a dying brand. Respect the brand and let them know you know your shit. Be a fashion bitch back.

Now you have the fashion down, in a perfect world that would be enough.

STYLE ADVICE: 5 Fashionable Drinks to Adopt

Don’t be naïve to think that people don’t judge you on your drink order.  I mean I’m judging you and let’s face it people have something to say about everyone and everything. I know, I know, judgey woogie was a bear. I don’t really know what the nursery rhyme actually means but it always reminds me about that one Sex and the City episode. Wait, wait, wait where was I going with this? Oh yes. Your drink choice is just like a pair of shoes and no one should be caught dead in something dated or lame. Here’s 5 types of drinks its okay to order when out on the town.

• Vodka tonic – Simple and classic with a bad girl edge.  Kate Moss drinks it so you know its cool.

• Vodka Gimlet – Like a vodka tonic but with a sour favor. It’s for those people who complain that vodka tonic taste like nothing (hello that’s the point).

• Pomegranate Martini – The new “it” martini once every loser started drinking cosmopolitans. If you need to drink one, than opt for this one instead of the later.

• Fresquita – Andy Cohen’s new favorite drink. We love everything Andy Cohen does, from his cute jew boy smile to the housewives, WWHL and now his drink choice. If your didn’t know, its just tequila (patron please) and fresca.

•  Tom Collins – Vintage and hip.

Of course, every Nooner loves champagne in all courses of life. Its great in the morning, lunch, dinner, post dinner, pregame, dancing on a table, you name it and its great. The same thing goes for Wine. Any type really, I prefer Pinot Grigio but the fact of the matter is that I can slug down anything and that’s the Nooner way.

Also, made to order specialty drinks with flare are great and receive a check plus in our book. We love drinks made with love, mainly because alcohol has had our back since we can remember (well, except for last weekend and then that time last month).

Don’t Dare to Drink These 4 Cocktails

• Shirley Temple – Your not cute or youthful because you drink this, your probably annoying.

• Long Island Ice Tea – I loved LI ice teas when I was in college but it’s embarrassing to order once out. Exception: Long islands are okay to drink on when its summer, during the day.

• Morning Drinks at Night – Its okay to drink a mimosa or bloody mary for brunch but not okay to drink past 5pm. Seriously, they may be good but it just doesn’t make sense.

• Apple Martini – Its dated, too 90s and not in a good way.

*the above drink was well enjoyed at the randolph at broome, nyc. 

10. The Homeless Man Jacket

Somewhere a long the lines this morning, you have hit the snooze button three times without even noticing it. By the forth time you finally realized that your alarm wasn’t a drill you actually needed to wake the f up. You often don’t have the comfort of having most mornings start the same, to some it may be a luxury to you its preferred. You run around your apartment getting your things together while brushing you teeth. Jewelry is on, a dab of perfume and over to your closet to decide what jacket to wear. Every Nooner knows the brilliance of having a wide selection of coats and jackets in their repertoire but there is a certain one that holds dear to your heart. It’s the homeless man jacket that you spotted before and definitely after the Fall 2011 Altuzarra show and the many that came after including Elizabeth and James this Fall 2012 New York Fashion Week.

The jacket is not fitted, unlike other fashionable jackets actually warm and kind of similar to the jacket the homeless man wears on the corner with the sign “need money for weed”.  The way you look some mornings after you have gone out, you do bare some similarities to this man more than you actually should but make no mistake the homeless man jacket is a Nooner essential. It should have an oversized hood and a fur or fux fur trim. Its easy to throw on overtop of the BAB or the IDGAF Brunch Sweater because its easily transferable to a lot of outfits unlike most jackets. It’s casual and also serves a downtown air of rebellion, which is a look and feel we always strive for.

Nooner Approved 

One || Two || Three 

*Due to it being late in the season many homeless man jackets are on sale or non existent.

STYLE ADVICE: Day Off Day Clothes

Don’t we all love a long weekend? Although everyday is a long weekend for us, we love when everyone can enjoy as well.  For some, it’s another day to brunch or another day to read in the park but Nooners have another fantasy for a Monday off. Today is the perfect chance to finally stay in bed for the whole day with your man while the only thing you will be consuming will be champagne and each other. Actions like this don’t involve clothing but every Nooner should have the necessary loungewear.

The cool knit pant for when the champagne runs out and you need to run to the liquor store.  Fashionable to pair with heels like Carrie Bradshaw or slouchy cool with converse.

The nightshirt, so at least you can have something covering yourself when the Chinese food is delivered.

The silk robe is key for seducing or perfect for lounging on the couch with your man. It may even help your effort in trying to convince him that the Housewives of Beverly Hills is actually a good show.

The luxe t- shirt is perfect for snuggle time and also easy transferable to be apart of your everyday wear.

Together all these pieces are perfect for your survival of the four day weekend. The other necessities you can find at your local drug store.

9. The Black Magic Bootie

In a world where objects can be your friend, the black magic is your bestie. She creates the illusion that your lean when you gained 2 pounds, gives you height when your in a bar filled with models other wise know as people you have to look up towards like your a tourist looking at the empire state building and ultimately she is there to make any outfit hot. The black magic is a nooner’s best friend because it combines two things we love, the color black and edge.

You may be wearing a [bang]dage but matched with this shoe, you’re not like every other typical girl trying to charm drinks out of a guy with a tucked in button down. “Ohh did you say you worked at Goldman Sachs?” She asked. Its okay I give you permission to judge and give a look of disgust based on that convo and because she’s wearing a cheetah sandal.

The Black Magic is our personal 5 inch ‘f*ck you’ to the world. It’s edgy, its cool, and its great for day and night. So when your leaving his place in the AM, no one is going to be giving you a look while you walk down Crosby.

Nooner Approved:

One || Two || Three 

and for summer… Four