CHARACTERS WANTED: Cher Horowitz from Clueless


Sometimes, Characters from Movies or TV Shows are better-dressed then real people (well not me, but maybe you.) Here is our homage to our favorite characters from film and the small screen. We pin point what stylistic treasures were gold for the character and should translate to the “real world”.

There are few fashionable characters I love more than Cher. It’s one of those movies you can watch over and over again and still pick up more funny anecdotes, slang you may want to add to your vocab (stop going postal Stacey! I’m outtie B!) and most of all, sartorial gold that needs to be reworked into your wardrobe.  No matter what year it is, Cher from Clueless is always fashion inspiration.

Stylistic Treasures: 

Cher throughout the flick had a thing for sweater vests worn overtop of white button downs and tucked into or over top of mini skirts. It’s a classic piece that the world has forgotten about in the 2000s but none the less cool and retro if done right. I would op for a cashmere sweater vest, slightly shorter length and over top of a silk button down to add more of a luxe appeal.

Cher didn’t leave her house with out her baby backpack attached. Of course this kind of backpack was huge in the 90s when Prada came out with the nylon version. Lucky for us, the backpack has made it back into the trendosphere. Unfortunately, there not as small and cute when Cher use to rock them but as all Nooners know, we start trends, not follow them.  Here are a couple of baby backpacks One || Two || Three || Super Luxe 

Mini skirts: This kind of skirt does not have to be slutty if it’s in the right fabric. What makes Cher’s mini’s classic is the preppy attire that goes with it. Look for mini’s in black wool or be bold like Cher and wear it in plaid.

Honorable mentions: Knee socks, a white Wrangler, a Goth cross on a long necklace