11. The SBD – Silk Button Down

It’s simply textbook to have abundance of silk button downs. They’re the epitome of slouchy, sexy, nonchalant, and put together all at once. Is that possible? Yes that’s a Nooners dream. If it’s anything we love, it’s a shirt that makes us look sort of put together mainly because we don’t feel like doing it ourselves. Like all of our other 10 essentials, the silk button down is another to add to the list of versatility.

The SBD feels at home paired with The BAB or a colored jean, untucked and sitting outside on the patio during happy hour sipping a vodka tonic to cheer on the nice weather.  When you’re not wearing your hungover shades, they can look even cooler hanging from your SBD.

Now, let that guy buy you shot, maybe even flip your hair a few times and be as carefree as the shirt you wear.

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