STYLE ADVICE: Day Off Day Clothes

Don’t we all love a long weekend? Although everyday is a long weekend for us, we love when everyone can enjoy as well.  For some, it’s another day to brunch or another day to read in the park but Nooners have another fantasy for a Monday off. Today is the perfect chance to finally stay in bed for the whole day with your man while the only thing you will be consuming will be champagne and each other. Actions like this don’t involve clothing but every Nooner should have the necessary loungewear.

The cool knit pant for when the champagne runs out and you need to run to the liquor store.  Fashionable to pair with heels like Carrie Bradshaw or slouchy cool with converse.

The nightshirt, so at least you can have something covering yourself when the Chinese food is delivered.

The silk robe is key for seducing or perfect for lounging on the couch with your man. It may even help your effort in trying to convince him that the Housewives of Beverly Hills is actually a good show.

The luxe t- shirt is perfect for snuggle time and also easy transferable to be apart of your everyday wear.

Together all these pieces are perfect for your survival of the four day weekend. The other necessities you can find at your local drug store.

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