9. The Black Magic Bootie

In a world where objects can be your friend, the black magic is your bestie. She creates the illusion that your lean when you gained 2 pounds, gives you height when your in a bar filled with models other wise know as people you have to look up towards like your a tourist looking at the empire state building and ultimately she is there to make any outfit hot. The black magic is a nooner’s best friend because it combines two things we love, the color black and edge.

You may be wearing a [bang]dage but matched with this shoe, you’re not like every other typical girl trying to charm drinks out of a guy with a tucked in button down. “Ohh did you say you worked at Goldman Sachs?” She asked. Its okay I give you permission to judge and give a look of disgust based on that convo and because she’s wearing a cheetah sandal.

The Black Magic is our personal 5 inch ‘f*ck you’ to the world. It’s edgy, its cool, and its great for day and night. So when your leaving his place in the AM, no one is going to be giving you a look while you walk down Crosby.

Nooner Approved:

One || Two || Three 

and for summer… Four


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