8. The [Bang]dage Skirt

For the past few seasons, designers and fashion editors alike have been throwing in the towel on mini skirts. Say what now? Yes its true. The death of the mini they cry and long live the flowly pleated skirt or the pencil.  Sure, there great to have a picnic in or even go to a business meeting, but then again when the fuck do we do those things? Never! Here, we’re declaring a rebuttal. The mini skirt after 5pm will never die. See these legs? They’re too nice to hide.

The [bang]dage skirt is a Nooner essential and has been the good old faithful since we’ve looked at our ass in the mirror. We prefer black and matching it with The NCT or with a silk button down to differentiate us from the bridge and tunnels.  Don’t match it with a “going out top”, that’s lame.  Also, only morally casual girls op out of wearing tights in the winter. Once again, a kick ass shoe will take this look home.

Although the [bang]dage skirt holds a little piece of our heart, if your tired of rocking it for a while, this Alexander Wang T mini skirt will do the job for day and night, as well as this Carven, Rag & Bone or any black leather skirt.

Nooner Approved

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