STYLE ADVICE: The Minor Details

It’s obvious that great bags and shoes separate Nooners from the common folk of the world.  With that, true style icons go beyond this common notion and stylize themselves from their head to their toes.  Ultimately, it’s the minor details throughout the day within your wardrobe that become essential for conquering fashion grounds.

Can’t help but to remember in the Fall 2009 DSquared RTW show how models strutted down the runway clutching Starbucks Venti Lattes, blackberry’s, retro shades, and even totted around US Weeklys.

Key items for stylization success:

–       A cool phone case. I suggest not picking an outlandish color as a cover (Just say no… to orange). Pick a shade that is the majority of your closet. It will either match with your cardigan or pop against your all black attire. Nooner approved: Most Incase products but esp. this one.

–       It’s a no brainer to have a cool ipad case but the difference between gaudy and cool, people seem to forget. Nooner approved: DODOcase for J.Crew 

–       If you don’t have an iphone – An Ipod in a color that matches your daily style.

–       A Venti or Grande Starbucks Coffee cup. This cup is always the perfect walking accessory.  Are you into the environment, or want to save dough? Stores now offer ceramic Starbucks looking reusables.

–       For those non-coffee drinkers (boo): Vitamin Water.  Way back when, in the first Sex and the City movie, Pat Field stylized the color of the liquid/bottle to match with the girls outfits.

–       A Magazine for a much needed in-between class down time.  W always uses great colors for their covers along with saucy layouts. Can’t go wrong with Vogue or opt for a WWD to gain more fashion cred.

–       Nail polish. Blake Lively once said in an interview that she changes polish daily depending on her outfits. For this fall, I am really into a dark shade of heather grey.

–        Also be on the look out for Alexander Wang’s new Objects Collection which is an assortment of personal items such as lighters, playing cards, notebooks, bike locks and more. Stay tuned to Alexander Wang’s facebook page to view pictures as well as to hear the launch date.

–       Even more little things to stylize: An agenda book, pencils/pens, laptop, umbrella, notebooks/folder…

Now every part of your day is in style.

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