7. The Bad Ass Betch Jean

There amongst the chaos of your life other wise known as your room is the always reliable, BAB jean. When you don’t know what to wear, the BAB jean comforts your soul. They look great on the floor of his apartment and even better on you.

The BAB Jean only comes in one color, black. It also only comes in one style, skinny. Together, it only does one thing, make you look like a badass betch. It’s a BAB Jean if you look in the mirror and can’t help but say, “Damn, look at that ass”.  The jean shines when paired with heel booties and a sick attitude.

It’s always great to have a simple pair of the BAB jean in your drawer but be sure to look out for the newest trends. The high wasted BAB does the body justice and Madwell and J.Crew make a great pair. For nighttime outings, be sure to have a waxed denim version on tap. Unlike other trendy jeans, the BAB jean is very versatile. As always, your look is always a little trouble but when you want to clean up too, the jean is there for you.

So pick up your jeans off the ground, give him a kiss and do your best strut out the door because its more than certain he is watching you leave. Expect a text in 2.5 minutes.

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