6. THE NCT – The Nonchalant Cool Tee

In this day and age of not giving a sh*t, the luxurious or well-designed Tee is the go to for every Nooner. It’s perfect for any occasion, except for a wedding or maybe an interview, two very uninteresting things in life that are not important to this post. Even so, with fashion after noon styling or lack there of, The NCT is a Nooner essential.

This tee isn’t for the girls that try hard on Saturday nights. As Nooners we all know, that Saturday night is the most desperate night to go out.  It’s filled with bridge and tunnels, fat people and most of all losers that decided to have a “big night out”. Since we’ve been at the bar or the lounge everyone is dying to go to since Wednesday, sweating Saturday with dressing to the nines is saying we like to try hard. Like Kanye once said, “when you try hard, you die hard” and this simple quote is what we live by with everything we do in life. With that, we’re also not saying throw on any old tee and call it a day. The NCT or nonchalant cool tee is a reserved title for tee shirts that have intricate details such as the nooner-approved options below. Always look for silk, lace, sheer fabric, and springs hot new trend, mesh that takes inspiration from sporting uniforms. Wear the NCT out over a bandage skirt and match it with killer heels. Combined together, you already hotter than every other girl in her “fancy outfit”.

Nooner Approved 

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