Style Advice: How to Stylize the Walk of Shame

Unfortunately, the walk of shame has happened to all of us.  Sometimes, it’s a Saturday morning and other times it’s a day when class is in session, god forbid work  (Damn you $2 Tuesday!). Even so, as Nooners there’s always a way to pull off style in any situation.

Since boyfriend-inspired looks are huge right now, I have two ways to pull off a nonchalant walk of shame look home or to whatever other important thing you have going.

Did you wear a dress out? Well hopefully you also wore tights, possibly a boyfriend blazer or cardigan and a belt. Use those basics but ask your guy if you can borrow one of his button down shirts, preferably white. Belt it in around your waist, slip back on your tights, put on your blazer and now you look like you’re casually just grabbing a morning latte.

Did you wear pants or jeans? Simply borrow his undershirt, and tuck it into you pants. Roll the sleeves twice.  To glam it up, throw on last night’s jewelry, preferably necklaces. Then hide greasy hair by pulling it into a bun.

Voila, embarrassing situation cured!

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