5. The Crown Jewel

Every great woman in the world has had her name or initial hanging from her delicate neck. Such greats as Carrie Bradshaw with her gold platted “Carrie” and Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl with her diamond “B”(no I am not kidding when I call them great). Why you may ask? Because they’re the shit and they want the whole world to know, that is if you couldn’t already tell by their wardrobe.

If there is one piece of jewelry to grab with your metro card before running out, it’s the “crown jewel”.  No other piece is filled with more power or prestige than the one that represents your name and being.

This is the signature jewelry piece for every Nooner because it does everything we don’t feel like doing, it tells the world who you are.  Everyone already secretly knows your name anyway but the diamond Initial reinforces your superior attitude.

And just remember, I’m sure he will always remember your name, but just incase you met him and you were both fucked up, this necklace helps him remember what name to scream.

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