4. The IDGAF Brunch Sweater

Every “nooner” girl has a wide variety of sweaters in her dresser draw to go to, not only when the temperature plummet’s but when she doesn’t really give a f*ck. You had a lot to overcome this Saturday morning. First you had to get out of bed, second you had to make an excuse for your guy of the night to get out and get going (after that workout last night, you’re starving). Third, you have to trick your body into thinking you’re not hung over and can leave the toilet. After all of that, you still need a respectable outfit to go out to brunch in.

Like everything we do, this isn’t just a sweater and we just don’t have one. It’s not fitted but it has just the right amount of sexy and slouchy to still have you be the best dressed amongst your friends and the whole restaurant at brunch. Match it with shorts over tights, a black mini skirt, or jeans of any variety.  What makes this sweater fashionable and not a train wreck is the fabric. Opt for cashmere because you’re a luxe betch, ribbed to add texture, a pop of color to convince everyone around you you’re not dead and/or a pattern to show personality.

Together, you’re a perfect mix of class and hot mess.

Three Nooner approved IDGAF Brunch Sweaters: 

One || Two || Three 

and just for fun


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