1. The Sex Hair Hat

It’s the day after one of the best nights of your life, you laugh because you also said that yesterday morning when you woke up. You remove the arm that’s lying over your shoulder and give him a kiss before looking at your phone. Jenny already texted you to remind you about brunch at 1pm. Fuck its already 12:30. You’re a little scared to check your bank balance, there’s something about liquor that makes you think your rich enough to buy multiple rounds for everyone. Oh well.  Anyway lets get back on track, the guy you’ve been dating and putting in some serious flirting work with has finally come home with you. Obviously it was great. Although you may want to roll in bed for the rest of the day with him, soon it or later you have to leave.  Enter, the sex hair hat.

This isn’t the run of the mill ‘good girl’ hat, that’s only worn when it’s snowing. Let’s face it nothing we do is run of the mill or resembles anything of being so called ‘good’. Which is why, It’s a statement piece for the girl who parties all night and sleeps till noon.

Nooner-Approved Options

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